The Rainbow Chronicles

How A Spiritual Adventure Story Empowers Girls and Women March 25, 2014

Can society and the world really become a better place? Can war and violence really end? Can there be a new day of understanding, peace and love for every person living on earth? Can girls and boys, women and men have such a deep respect and admiration for each other that transforms the world?

The answer is YES, when we remember and tell stories of hope. Hope, coupled with love in action, brings the cure to modern ills of loneliness, alienation, distrust and hate. Stories are carriers of hope, especially bedtime stories.

Bedtime stories that build upon the themes of peace and harmony can build an attitude of good will and kindness. Bedtime stories can create a picture a better future for yourself, your children, your family and friends. These things are possible – if we imagine a brighter tomorrow and act today to bring it about. It depends on the stories we tell our children and ourselves.

The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day is a wonderful story that shows the power of girls and women to transform the world. They story ushers in a new day that dawns into a brighter tomorrow. Click here to read more about the plot of the story.

Every society needs stories of heroines – girls and women who make a difference for a better world. The strength and courage of those heroines, and the people they encounter, makes all the difference. Click here to learn more about the characters in the book.

How The Rainbow Chronicles Encourage a Story of Hope for Women, Moms and Pre-Teen Girls
The word “encourage” means to “inspire with courage, spirit or confidence.” Coeur is the French word for “heart.” To encourage another person is to strengthen her or his heart – to be more loving, kind and giving. To build up confidence and self-esteem.

How can you do this for women, moms and pre-teen girls? How can you do this for men, dads and boys? With stories of heroines – who do make a lasting difference! Click here to read more about the impact of self-esteem for moms and pre-teen girls.

Let the Girls and Women in Your Life Live the Legacy of A Good Bedtime Story to Create a Better Tomorrow

What legacy do you want to give your children? How about your grandchildren? What world do you want them to live and raise their children in?

Don’t you wish that all children lived in a world where the people on earth loved and respected each other? Don’t you wish that they could bring about a new day of love and peace in our world?

They can, if you read The Rainbow Chronicles to them and live it with them. Make sure to sign up for the FREE 15 part e-series that gives you questions and lessons ready to discuss with your family. The e-series is a totally free gift to your family from mine, whether you decide to buy the book or not. Just fill out the form at the top of this page.


How A Spiritual Adventure Story Empowers Girls and Women

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How A Spiritual Adventure Story Empowers Girls and Women March 25, 2014



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