The Rainbow Chronicles

Living Epiphany

The story of The Rainbow Chronicles unfolds, just like the story of your life and mine.

Think of how a flower appears from a seed. First, you plant the seed in moist, rich dirt. Then, you water and fertilize the seed. A green shoot breaks through the dirt.

That green shoot gets larger and larger. Leaves form. Then, a bud grows. Finally, the bud bursts open and a beautiful flower emerges.

Epiphany means “revelation” – becoming known. Something invisible becomes visible.

You and I are like that flower. We start from two tiny cells, are born, and then grow. God does the watering, provides everything we need to flourish. We Live Epiphany.

I’ve written a special report, “Living Epiphany in Today’s World” which you can get right here. Just put in your name and email address and click the “Live Epiphany Now” button. I’ll send you more information about this marvelous way to live.

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Living Epiphany

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Dave Pipitone

Dave Pipitone is author, husband, father and business owner who writes inspirational stories and guides people to Live Epiphany in daily living.

Living Epiphany April 6, 2014



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