The Rainbow Chronicles

Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

“Am I to go alone?” Wilby asked.

The King sighed. “This is your mission, Wilby. No one else can do this for you. However, you may have a guide who will lead you to the borderlands.”
“May Lemet go with me?” Wilby inquired. “Please, let Lemet come.”

“Lemet? Lemet? Who is Lemet?”

“He came with a group of your men to my village of Hdora. I like him.”

“Well, all right,” conceded the King. “Lemet may go with you until you reach the borderlands. Now be on your way, Wilby! We’ve had enough talk; it’s time for action.”

He motioned the captain of the Royal Guard to escort Wilby out. Wilby returned to her room and slipped the amulet into her backpack. Cargas led her to the courtyard, where she mounted the spotted horse. Lemet was waiting.

“It looks like a good day for a ride,” said Lemet. His voice was cheerful. “Let’s go!”

They rode out of castle and headed west toward the Age Old Road. At the window, the King and the Seer watched Wilby and Lemet shrink toward the horizon. “Do you think Wilby can do it?” asked the King. “She is a girl, you know.”

“I do have my doubts,” said the Seer. “Yet everything I’ve read and know points to her as the one to restore the Rainbow’s End to us. I hope that I am hearing the Almighty correctly about this.”

“I hope so, too,” said the King. “I hope she’s not like her father.”

Kilmaz entered the Throne Room and approached the King, “Sire, shall I seize the picture of the Rainbow’s End from Wilby’s grandmother? You’ve decreed that any picture of the Rainbow’s End should be banned from display.”

“Let her be, Kilmaz,” replied the King. “There has been a long night in our land. The people need to keep hope alive for a new day, too.”

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress March 30, 2014



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