The Rainbow Chronicles

Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

The Seer stared at the King and said tersely, “You know who that was. It was—”

“Quiet!” The King cut the Seer off. “Those names are never to be mentioned or remembered here or anywhere else. As King, I forbid it!” He turned to the girl. “Wilby, this is your mission,” decreed the King. “You must go to the Kingdom of Neer’stazone and bring the Rainbow’s End back to our land. We must have blessing and not this chaos.”

“How can I do such a thing?” replied Wilby. “This is so different! I don’t know where to go or how to get there. And if I should find this Rainbow’s End, how would I bring it back? Would I tell this color to go where I say or drag it back with a rope?”

“Ah, you ask such good questions,” remarked the Seer. “No, Wilby, you cannot force the Rainbow’s End to return to us by physical means. The Rainbow’s End is connected to the Almighty’s Throne. It is only through entering it with a pure heart and an intention for well-being that you can reach the Almighty’s ear. Then, the Rainbow’s End will come home to us.”

“So, I must enter the Rainbow’s End and talk to the Almighty?” asked Wilby.

“Yes, yes, yes! But you must talk with your heart, not with words. Let your heart hold no meanness, no thought of yourself. Think of others and of the blessings the Rainbow’s End will bring to our land.”

Then the King brought out a small chest covered with jewels of every color. The Seer reached deep into a front robe pocket and retrieved a small key made of purple crystal. The King opened the chest and removed a white amulet about the size of a teacup saucer that had a raised rim around its outer edge. At the center was a series of engraved arcs—six curved lines evenly spaced. The King handed the amulet to Wilby.

Wilby's White Amulet

“When you reach Neer’stazone, you must put this on, Wilby,” said the King. “The white amulet will protect you and hide your identity from those in Neer’stazone who would wish to stop you. We are a different people from them. As you get closer to the Rainbow’s End, people will ask you where you come from and where you are going. You must keep your mission a secret; tell no one. Never, under any circumstances, remove the amulet or reveal your secret.”

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress March 30, 2014



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