The Rainbow Chronicles

Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

BANG! BANG! The door to Wilby’s room shook with the sound. It was about nine in the morning. The door shuddered as it swung open. Kilmaz, Captain of the King’s Guard, stood there. “Wake up, Wilby! You are to see the King now,” he announced. “Get your things.”

Wilby got up, took her sack, and followed Kilmaz up a tall stairway and down a long hallway. The hallway emptied into the Great Hall, a large room with a high ceiling and richly paneled walls. A long, rectangular wooden table was in the middle of the room, surrounded by many chairs. At one end of the table was a large throne, intricately carved and inlaid with gold and silver.

“Wait here, Wilby,” stated Kilmaz. He left the room through a paneled door that seemed to appear from nowhere.

Wilby wandered near the table and traced lines in the thick coat of dust that covered it. It had not been used for some time. Shortly, Kilmaz reappeared with two figures behind him. He stopped and knelt. “Sire, this is Wilby,” he said to the first figure, who was dressed in black.

“Ah, Wilby!” said the King. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

“It is an honor, O King.” Bowing low, Wilby peeked at the King. He had a short gray beard, sad eyes, and a stooped back.

“Let’s get down to business! We’re wasting time on pleasantries,” interrupted the second figure, who wore a long brown robe and a large, pointed hat. “We’re here to talk about the Rainbow’s End.”

“Seer, can’t you wait for anything?” said the King. “Wilby, we brought you here for a reason. Come with me. I want to show you something.” The King walked to a panel in the wall and pressed it. The panel slid down, and a window appeared. “Look out and tell me what you see.”

“Well, I see roads and dirt,” replied Wilby. “There are some people standing, traveling, and working down there. Off to the left, I see a large forest. There are clouds in the sky, like always. It looks like what I normally see, only a lot smaller.”

“You’re three hundred feet from the ground, Wilby!” said the Seer. “Of course things look small.”

“What colors do you see?” asked the King.

“Different types of brown, and some gray, too,” responded Wilby. “Just like at home in the village.”

“Oh, stop this rubbish!” The Seer frowned at the King. “Are you going to talk about the mission or am I?”

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress March 30, 2014



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