The Rainbow Chronicles

Dave Pipitone

Chapter 1. In The Village March 30, 2014

Once upon a time, in a land far away, the torches of soldiers lit the forest road as they traveled at dusk. Cargas and Lemet, two of the King’s best cavalry, led the search party for Wilby, who lived in the village of Hdora. As they neared the Great Open Space in the forest, Cargas…

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Chapter 2. At the King’s Fortress March 30, 2014

BANG! BANG! The door to Wilby’s room shook with the sound. It was about nine in the morning. The door shuddered as it swung open. Kilmaz, Captain of the King’s Guard, stood there. “Wake up, Wilby! You are to see the King now,” he announced. “Get your things.” Wilby got up, took her sack, and…

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Chapter 3. Journey’s Beginning March 30, 2014

“It’s time for lunch, Wilby,” said Lemet. “Let’s stop over here.” He nosed his horse toward a tree. Lemet was 55, much older than his horse. His cheeks were furrowed with laugh lines that had been without joy for some time. “Where will we get the food, Lemet?” Wilby asked. She was tired and stunned…

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