The Rainbow Chronicles


From Eregon

• Wilby is an eleven-year-old girl from Hdora who sent by the King to return the Rainbow’s End.
• Rosalina is Wilby’s grandmother, whose son is missing.
• Cargas is the Captain of the King of Eregon’s cavalry and patrol.
• Lemet is a soldier in the King’s Royal Guard and companion to Wilby.
• The King is the Ruler of Eregon, who sends Wilby to find the Rainbow’s End.
• The Seer is the Keeper and Interpreter of the Scrolls of Eregon and Advisor to the King.

From Neer’stazone

• Umdai is Wilby’s first contact in Neer’stazone; she is Kellin’s daughter.
• Kellin is the sole woman gardener of the Royal Guild in Neer’stazone; she grows the Hope Patch.
• Jahaamaa is a thirteen-year-old boy who is the nephew of the Chancellor Masuiah; friend and companion to Wilby during her travel in Neer’stazone.
• Wozner is a friend of Jahaamaa and son of the Great Viceroy who is rescued by Wilby.
• Trentum the Great is the Great Viceroy and leading citizen of Neer’stazone.
• Bilnot is the chief gardener of Neer’stazone and winner of ten consecutive Uniformity Awards.
• The Governor is the ruler of Neer’stazone, and who administers the Order of Friendship.
• Neber is the General leads Neer’stazone’s army.
• Masuiah is the Chancellor of Neer’stazone, judge of the Court of Uniformity and Jahaamaa’s uncle.
• The Gardenian Angel of Colors is the Angel who guards the entrance to the Rainbow’s End.

From Your Life

• You
• Your children
• Your siblings
• Your parents and grandparents
• Your relatives
• Your neighbors
• Your community
• Your nation
• Your world



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